Wednesday, November 13, 2013

You Can Dance for It

My sweet Maddie girl is always making something: crafts, toys, paper dogs or dolls. She is gifted in this, and I am sure she will do BIG things someday. It amazes me at how creative she is. 

Today she made a doll out of a pencil and then made a hat to go on top of the doll. She told me they were $1. Lest I be tricked *again* into shelling out a dollar I asked her if she meant pretend money or real money. She replied, "Real money but you can dance for it instead". (For reals, I have no idea where she got this from as we don't frequent strip clubs, watch dirty movies, or refer to buying stuff by dancing) Being the frugal(cheap) momma that I am, I decided to dance for it! It was going great until my pajama bottoms fell down... What?! You aren't in your pj's at 2 in the afternoon? No worries though, I did bathe today, I just put my pj's back on.  Your kiddos don't offer to let you dance instead of shelling out the big bucks?! You are MISSING out.

Oh, the innocence of my kiddos! It makes me laugh..and lose my pants! 

**Dancing in our house means jumping up and down. No twerking allowed!*

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